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Crux Invicta

St. Joseph | Double Wrap

St. Joseph | Double Wrap

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This Rosary bracelet was designed using dark wooden pater beads, Dragons Blood Jasper aves, and features our very own Crux invicta Crucifix. 

Each bracelet is strung on durable elastic making it easy to stretch and wrap around your wrist without fear of snapping it. 

Due to the nature of gemstones, colors and patterns will have slight variances.

Fits approximately 7.25-7.5"

Saint Joseph, revered as the earthly father of Jesus Christ and the chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, stands as a paragon of virtue and strength for Catholic men. Saint Joseph is honored with the title "Terror of Demons" due to his profound spiritual strength in HUMILITY, purity, and his unwavering obedience to God's will, which makes him a very formidable adversary against evil.

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